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Distance measurement

The fully-automated and precise measurement of filling levels is a decisive factor in process industry. The range of available sensor devices on market is as diverse as the variety of measurement requirements. It starts with traditional mechanical floating sensors and extends to advanced RF sensors. Nevertheless a strong tendency toward radar sensors could be registered in last years - not least due to the strong technology progress in the cost-effective SiGe mm-wave technology.

Silicon Radars RF products and MMICs are perfectly suited to the design of various highly integrated radar systems for multiple requirements. They offer a number of advantages:

There are a lot of industrial applications improvable by radar technology :

Depending on the required bandwidth different frequency ranges are suitable for your industrial application. Silicon Radar offers standard MMICs in a wide range of frequencies starting at 10GHz (X-band) and gained considerable experience in development of specific components up to 200GHz and beyond.
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